MOD GOD - Brass & Copper Polish

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Specially developed brass and copper polish developed specifically for use with mechanical mods. We won’t bore you with the technical aspects of it but it has something called micro diminishing abrasives. We have worked out that it will polish down to about 3500/4000g and initially it will have the cutting power of around 1000/1500 grit.

DAT = Diminishing abrasives Technology DAT uses abrasives that break down while using. A combination of pressure, heat and time causes the abrasives in the polish to become smaller and smaller. They get pulverized and disintegrate into nothing. After a certain time, the polish will have no effect anymore, regardless of the passes you make. It is highly recommended to work in the polish until it is completely disintegrated. DAT may offer less cutting power then SMAT, but they finish with a surface that needs much less refinement. In some cases you can actually achieve a finishing result with the first cut/polish.