Jabba Joose 50ml Shortfill

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50ml 0mg Shortfill

Gump's Cheesecake: Take in the juicy, freshly picked forest fruits, then savour the rich and creamy Cheesecake base on the back end. A great all day vape for fruit and bakery lovers alike.

Short straw: Enjoy the perfect combination of sweet strawberries and buttery shortbread, with just a hint of creaminess. An all time favourite of strawberry shortcake in the form of an e-liquid.

Nana's pudding: Nana's infamous banana sponge pudding, topped with a delicate, warm caramel sauce. Definitely an e-liquid for dessert lovers.

Cookies so creamy: Freshly baked doughy cookies splashed with lashings of sweet cream, to create that perfect of richness and flavour without being too heavy.

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